hair rebuilding with R3 keratineNo more faded colorNo more faded color Stop itchy head, calm redness of the sensitive scalp hair rebuilding with R3 keratine
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The unique hair well-being system, made in Italy. Specific and innovative formulations which reinforce the capillary structures, improving strength, softness and shine and treat gently the problems of the scalp: sebum (oily hair), dandruff and hair loss.



Cold, humidity and wind make hair unruly, heavy or frizzy. Furthermore, nowadays not only in cities smog oxidizes keratin, thereby damaging the hair structure with visible effects.


In this period also the scalp enters a seasonal change phase, after which a spontaneous regrowth will follow


Summer is the season of the sun. It is essential to protect scalp and hair against the oxidative aggressions of UV-rays and against dehydration


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