HAIRMED is the hair treatment line of SIC Società Italiana Cosmetici, an Italian production company with 40 years of experience in hair care and well-being.

The company, that was in the early days a small handicraft business, has optimized its production processes over time so as to reach a perfect balance between the quality and precision that are required by modern production standards, and the love and care for details that are typical of traditional processing.

All our products are entirely formulated by the HAIRMED Institute and produced in Italy with advanced technologies and severe checks, to guarantee high levels of cosmetic quality.


HAIRMED proposes a line of products which are innovative and dermatologically tested at the Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, Pharmacologic Section of the University of Ferrara.

The raw materials and active ingredients are selected based on their real quality and effectiveness, and a preference for the use of renewable vegetable sources, to obtain products that are safe for people and the planet.

In our laboratories, the production of each product is followed-up with the typical handicraft care and is verified with severe quality controls and tests of compliance with the standards of cosmetic effectiveness.

Intervention AREA

Scalp well-being

Specific solutions for the cleansing and care of the scalp help in creating a positive environment for the hair growth. HAIRMED skin-purifying are used instead of the first shampooing in case of a normal, sensitive or reddened scalp and are fundamental in the treatment of the abnormalities.


HAIRMED answer in cases of abnormalities of the scalp (seborrhea and dandruff) or alterations of the normal hair life cycle (hair loss).

Hair well-being

When it is necessary to protect, clean or enrich the hair structure with precious active ingredients and with a high capillary affinity in order to maintain well-being, prevent damage, integrate deficiencies or treat imperfections.


Defense against aggressive environmental agents like polluting dust, smog, UV-rays but also salt and chlorine, to prevent any damage to the scalp and hair.

Kids well-being

Specific solution for kids and teens' scalp and hair.

HAIRMED specialties


Skin-purifying with cleansing bases from vegetable sources and specific active ingredients, they clean the scalp gently but deeply, eliminate impurities and treat eventual abnormalities.

Eudermic Shampoos cleanse hair gently respecting the scalp, thanks to surfactants from vegetable and renewable sources, aimed at the treatment of the different abnormalities and safe to skin tolerance: 150 times more compared with traditional shampoos.

Nourishing agents the HAIRMED research applied to hair cosmetics has allowed identifying some ingredients similar to the hair and scalp structure, able to rebalance such structures and restore smoothness and softness on the lengths by nourishing and moisturizing the scalp.

Re-building agents thanks to the special formula they act on the keratin chains and restore them, solidifying the hair structure and giving the hair volume and shine.

Bio-lotions formulated with specific active ingredients, they prevent and treat anomalies, thereby restoring the necessary elements to re-establish and keep the scalp and hair healthy.

Direct coloring: ammonia and oxygen FREE, restructuring and reflecting in a few minutes they restore the natural or cosmetic color reinforcing hair's structure with the keratin shiny and rebuilding action.

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