The science behind HAIRMED

HAIRMED Institute

Nowadays the HAIRMED Institute, founded twenty years ago as a work group, consists of specialists of different nationalities that work in the Social sciences, Marketing and Communication, Research and development of products, Image and Design. Every day, by constantly focusing on market requirements, we work out innovative proposals by means of cosmetic formulas that meet in a modern and concrete way the various requirements of consumers, both men and women.

Our vision is oriented towards a multicultural society. Thanks to the continuous exchange of information between people coming from many parts of the world, nowadays the habits, traditions, healing methods and use of the properties of various active ingredients are finally a cultural heritage for everybody and to us they are a stimulus for growth and constant research of new services and products.


Moringa oleifera, an anti-pollution shield for scalp and hair

The Moringa Oleifera also called the Miracle Plant, for its precious content of vitamins, proteins and minerals (Vitamin A and C, calcium and potassium) and for its purifying virtues against parasites and polluting substances, is much used in the diet of the populations of the tropical areas of Asia, India and Africa. However, the contribution of this humble but generous plant does not end here. From the Moringa also comes a really efficient anti-pollution protection: special micro proteins obtained from the seeds of this plant and applied on the skin and hair, reduce the deposit of polluting substances and create a real protective shield against smog, dust, gas and fumes, keeping these tissues cleaner, healthier and stronger. It has also an excellent function with respect to disagreeable smells in the environment which often deposit on scalp and hair.

For this reason HAIRMED has chosen the extract of micro proteins of the Moringa Oleifera for the anti-pollution prevention formula. Specific tests show that its use keeps the hair healthier and cleaner, by reducing by 38% the deposit of smog, dust and free radicals. Furthermore its protection improves the strength, elasticity and untangling of the hair, making it softer and lighter (-30% comb-resistance).

Date melanin

This marvelous "sweeper" of free radicals creates a barrier against the absorption of harmful rays and the free radicals generated by them. Its action against the oxidative stress is developed both during the exposure to sun rays (direct defense) and in the following hours (continuous protection), thus preventing damage to the attacked structures. One of the fruits that makes the best use of melanin as a defense is the date. For this reason its special extract has been selected for HAIRMED 's sun, salt & chlorine prevention.

Wasabia japonica and anti-free radicals enzymes

Wasabi or "horseradish of Japan" has proved to be one of the plants that are richest in SOD and peroxidasi, which are powerful anti-free radicals from UV-rays. The extract of this fermented and enhanced plant, is used in HAIRMED 's sun, salt & chlorine prevention.

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