CARE SYSTEM: HAIRMED comes from our way of looking at the world: a care system dedicated to people, with respect for the environment, created for the health and beauty of hair.

The care attention is the base of the formulas of all our products, which guarantee with a gentle action the respect of the integrity of scalp and hair. Every HAIRMED treatment line has been dermatologically tested.

Looking at the environment, we privilege the use of cleansing bases from biodegradable, vegetable and renewable sources that have been ECOCERT-GREEN LIFE certified for the environmental impact on the marine, lake and river flora and fauna.

All our treatments are SLES and PARABEN FREE.

With care we offer prevention: the analysis of what surrounds us makes us understand the emerging needs and find the right answers.

Science, Technology and Innovation are the supporting bases of our system; our treatments offer concrete and visible results, thanks to our specific formulas and high production quality standards. HAIRMED is a system that is open and accessible to everybody, thanks to a choice of commercial transparency and economic sustainability.


HAIRMED is the result of a long and consolidated 40 years' lasting experience at the service of the health and beauty of hair. At a professional level our products are continuously submitted to checks and improvement in order to guarantee excellent performance levels, in line with the novelty of the cosmetic science, and to meet the requirements of more and more demanding customers.

Our mission is to prevent, analyze and treat

Our innovative method makes prevention its point of excellence. Nowadays there are the so-called "emerging anomalies", caused by environmental factors, like smog, UV-rays and particularly aggressive chemical or heat treatments (colorations, decolorizations, highlights, hair iron, etc.) as to which it is necessary to act in advance, in order to avoid or reduce repair jobs.

The specific HAIRMED Treatments are the result of studies made together with University Research Institutes, the University of Pavia and Ferrara, to offer all our customers specialties that are rich in innovative and efficient active ingredients, able to produce concrete and evident results.


The Millenary Experience of Plants, the oldest and most expert laboratory of active ingredients available nowadays, is our privileged reference in the research of the substances to be used to obtain the products and the well-being and health solutions for the beauty of scalp and hair.

The prevailing use of vegetable active ingredients, especially in the cleansing bases, makes our products very well tolerated and with a low environmental impact (Ecocert Green Life).

HAIRMED treatments have been completely developed according to our formulas that are based on the study of the potentiality of natural active ingredients, the analysis of the novelty of the Cosmetic Science and the production capacities of modern technologies.


One of the ethic milestones of the HAIRMED system is the transparency that also comes in our products with an immediate, efficient and attractive visible communication.

For us transparency is correctness towards our customers and personal care.

These values, together with the respect for the environment, are the context in which we are operating.

The vivid and pure colors of our treatments are the result of studies inspired by the chromo-therapy. The fragrances, developed for their multi-sensory features are enveloping and pleasant to make each treatment a moment of care.

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