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Today the Salon is getting more and more the "place" of care, relation and emotion besides being a place of beauty, Health and Well-being.

In line with this evolution, HAIRMED proposes a Service plan that accompanies all the Salons Partners towards new goals of success and business.

Here is an example of our Services:

  • In-salon haircare services
  • Professional training of the owners
  • Professional training of the staff
  • Communication inside the Salon
  • Communication outside the Salon
  • Furnishing and interior design services
  • Meeting occasions designed to care increasingly for people and their need

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Trichological assistance in the salon

Point of excellence of HAIRMED, it guarantees the Salon and its Customers a customized and scientifically correct consultancy by means of microscope (micro-camera) analyses.

Reliability and professionalism have always characterized this service designed for Salons that want to stand out!

N.B.: The days of assistance will be held in the Partner Salons on a time and date defined with the area managers.

Open day for hair wellness

In this case the HAIRMED promoter will be present in the salon for a whole day and perform specific services (Skin-purification, Reconstruction, etc.) on customers selected by the Salon. The products that are used will be supplied free of charge by HAIRMED.

It will be necessary that at least one person of the Salon assists the Promoter to fill in the technical data sheet, learn the exact execution of the treatment and then take charge of the customer and offer continuity in time in terms of the services that have been performed.




  • Consultancy on the treatments: a welcome and care system
  • Visual analysis of scalp and hair. Treatments: let's learn how to propose them
  • Price-list of the services
  • Skin-purification of the scalp. Execution of the treatment and assessment of the results
  • Eudermic Shampoo for the hair. Execution of the treatment and assessment of the results.
  • Nourishing or Reconstruction. Execution of the treatment and assessment of the results.



The prevention of professional damages to the musculoskeletal system has an essential role in guaranteeing the efficiency of the job of the employees. With some simple, highly effective exercises it is possible to relieve the daily tensions and fatigue, the accumulation of which is often causing posture errors that lead to frequent inability and profession-related ailments. The exercises consist of movements that eliminate the stress and tensions accumulated every day in the Salon, and which contribute to the good mood and harmony of the team.

Comfortable and casual clothing with training shoes is required.


Presentation of three fashion trend lines and execution both by the teacher and the participants.

Supplied material

Bag, female mannequin, magazine, block notes and pen, certificate of attendance




  • How to introduce and illustrate a treatment to the customer: execution of the Skin-purification treatment.
  • Execution of the Hair Reconstruction treatment
  • Execution of the "Anti-pollution prevention Treatment and Styling"



The sale of Services and Products is a central theme for the Salon Business. There is a great difference between selling and proposing sales. The proposal is transformed into sales when it is able to meet the clear or recondite expectations of the person that could buy. To know the communication processes that contribute to creating an efficient sales proposal is the first step to be successful in the sales of In-Salon Services and Products.

Communication tools for the salon

HAIRMED and its Services are an important occasion to demonstrate the professional value of the Salon. The current services, carried out "by the rule book" by the whole team and illustrated in a proper way, reinforce the conviction of customers, who reward this offer with fidelity and regularity.

The HAIRMED Communication Program, exclusive for our Partners, will make the treatments more visible and available, thanks to an all-round communication:

  • HAIRMED Window stickers
  • CD's for video information on leisure treatments of the customer: the educational tools of HAIRMED services
  • Ground display rack
  • Backlit HAIRMED columns
  • Double-sided theme posters for the communication of the treatments
  • Theme totems
  • Brochures for information to the Public
  • HAIRMED Posters with a great visual impact thanks to exclusive "transparencies" and chromatisms.
  • Customer Menus, for the explanation of the Service in promotion and active service function
  • Special cards super-offer 4+1 free gift
  • Promotion cards for the launch of services on location
  • Handbook of the treatments, a useful reminder for the work team when you need to quickly review the execution of the services.

Communication outside the salon

The shop window

The shop window is the most powerful communication tool of the Salon. If well used, it determines an increase of the attraction capacity of the shop and therefore it has an important role in the first contact between the Salon and its Customer: the entrance!

The shop window defines the relation of the Salon with the street: every person that passes is a potential customer to intrigue, fascinate, entertain or gratify. It is up to you to choose what and how to communicate in the shop window so as to express your personality.

Our HAIRMED marketing service is at your disposal to choose the right communication to communicate to all those customers that until now have gone past your Salon without entering your Salon.


Design of the setting and furnishing of the Salon, with innovative and customized turn-key solutions, inspired by the uniqueness of the image, to differentiate, generate intensity of emotions and define quality spaces for the execution and care of the Services.

The interior design solutions are aimed at the achievement of essential objectives, such as:

  • Improvement of the services and rooms and most of all of the resources in the Salon and their attitudes (the people...)
  • Ergonomic routes to carry out the daily work, i.e. the execution of services.
  • Fitting inspired by the "domesticity" of the space to guarantee relax like at home, both for the employees and the customers.


Saloon Holiday, HAIRMED events division, organizes parties, happy hours or openings, by studying methods, choreography and fitting according to the characteristics of the Salon and the proposed objectives.

  • HAIR CUT, STYLING AND ALSO RELATION to make the customers of the Salon loyal. Happy Hour on a mid-week day. Invitations to all the customers of the Salon.
  • OPENING to start the activities of the Salon and get new customers. Party or aperitif on Sunday afternoon or evening with invitations.
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