Treatment for hair with dry dandruff

  • STEP 1: Specific nourishing and treatment of the scalp (D3 anti-dandruff skin-purifying treatment)

  • STEP 2: Hygiene and gentle cleansing of the scalp and of the hair (B4 eudermic shampoo active on dry dandruff)

  • STEP 3: Integration (L3 Bio-lotion active against any type of dandruff)

3 products, 300 ml total

Trattamento forfora secca

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STEP 1: Specific nourishing and treatment of the scalp

Double-acting treatment, D3, anti-dandruff skin-purifying treatment, purifies and cleans the scalp in-depth, but gently. It moisturizes and nourishes the scalp while combating dandruff formation selectively, thanks to the specific active ingredients of its composition.


Apply the product on dry hair, before the Eudermic Shampoo, directly on the scalp with the special nozzle, distributing it evenly part by part, keeping a distance of about 2 cm. Make the spreading even and massage in gently. Leave it on for 2 minutes and rinse out. Continue with Eudermic Shampoo in order to clean the lengths of hair.

STEP 2: Hygiene and gentle cleansing of the scalp and of the hair

Eudermic Shampoo with cleansing bases obtained from vegetable and renewable sources, B4 provides an excellent control of dry dandruff, leaving the hair shiny and feeling soft.


Distribute the product on wet hair and massage in. Rinse out thoroughly and repeat the application if necessary.

STEP 3: Integration

Shock action lotion making it an excellent component for the treatment of the scalp with dandruff. Its specific active principles act directly on the metabolism of the micro-organisms which cause the anomaly. It is intended to moisturize the skin and to prevent cellular aging.


Apply the product, after a proper cleaning, part by part on the scalp. Massage gently to stimulate the absorption; do not rinse out and wait a few minutes before start drying the hair.







Usually the surface cells of the scalp exfoliate and are dispersed in the environment without leaving any trace and are then replaced by new cells, in a process called cell turnover.

When the cell turnover is altered, the cycle suffers acceleration, with a consequent accumulation of exfoliated cells, an anomalous proliferation of the microbial flora and the appearance of oily or dry dandruff, depending on the type of scalp.

HAIRMED efficiently responds to the dandruff problem with specific products and active ingredients which clean and regulate excessive flaking.

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