Oily scalp and hair

The sebum glands in the epidermis usually secrete a mixture of fat, called sebum, that has a very important role in the protection of the epidermis against external aggressions.

In case of hyper secretion of the sebum glands, due to an excessive sebum production, there is the phenomenon of seborrhea that can be defined as compact, if limited to the scalp and hair root, or fluent seborrhea, when there is migration of grease from the scalp to the lengths of hair.

HAIRMED oily scalp and hair treatment acts in three specific stages: it removes the excess sebum from the hair root and hair; it gradually regulates the sebum secretions, and restores the necessary balance for the hair life.

Oily scalp and hair

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  1. Trattamento cute e capelli grassi
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    Treatment for oily scalp and hair

    • STEP 1: Specific nourishing and treatment of the scalp (D2 skin-purifying treatment sebum-equilibrating and antioxidant action)
    • STEP 2: Hygiene and gentle cleansing of the scalp and of the hair (B2, sebum-equilibrating eudermic shampoo)
    • STEP 3: Integration (L2 Sebum-balancing bio-lotion astringent toning action)
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  2. D2 Dermopurificante Seboequilibrante
    100ml bottle

    D2 - Skin-purifying treatment sebum-equilibrating and antioxidant action

    Double-acting treatment, it purifies and removes the excess sebum on the surface and in the hair root, regulating at the same time the sebum production. It soothes itchiness and tones up the scalp while stimulating its oxygenation. Learn More

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  3. b2 bagno eudermico sebo equilibrante
    200ml bottle

    B2 - Sebum-equilibrating eudermic shampoo

    Cleansing treatment, rich in specific components with a sebum-regulating, astringent and cleaning action that makes the lightness and volume of the hair last much longer. B2 is also suitable for frequent washing, thanks to surfactants from vegetable and renewable sources that make the product gentle on the scalp Learn More

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  4. L2 - Bio-Lozione seboequilibrante azione astringente tonificante
    100ml bottle

    L2 - Sebum-balancing bio-lotion astringent toning action

    Lotion with ingredients with an astringent and sebum-regulating action for the treatment of hyper seborrhea. Used in synergy with Skin-purifying treatment D2, it allows you to get the best results. Learn More

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